Buying a digital image that is then sent to you by E-Mail

Digital Images


Just above is a drop down window above buy now with options to change the quantity of digital images you wish to buy, once you have chosen the amount just click buy now. This then takes you into the paypal website where you can either enter you card details or log into your paypal account which is all safe and secure.

All images do not come with the logo on the image.

When making the payment on paypal in the enter description section on the top left just put the image link (for example)

or simply put your image number and what Photo album/event it is from.

If you do not have Paypal then just click here to pay via cheque





This image file is for personal use only e.g. having prints made and not to be used on web sites

If you do wish to use an image purchased or thinking about buying one to use for reasons other than personal use please see

Also remember that the image you will receive is FULL SIZE over 3400 x 2200 not small file images like other people send.

If you have not received the image within 2-3 days just check your spam/junk mail folder just in case, as some orders have been put into that folder.



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